Fast Track Assessment For Foster Carers

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Our economy is going to take some considerable time to bounce back and return employment opportunities at a level they were previously.

Due to the very robust and efficient process which we follow, Swiis have always been able to complete the fostering assessment much quicker than any other fostering agency.

However, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and the increasing number of referrals we are receiving, Swiis have developed a ‘fast track’ foster carer recruitment process which ensures our applicants can begin their fostering career even quicker, completing your fostering assessment within 2 months from the assessment commencing.

We know that so many industries have been affected by the pandemic with no real sign of this improving for the next year to eighteen months and for many businesses, much longer.

What is a ‘fast track’ fostering assessment?

Swiis’ updated ‘fast track’ assessment process ensures that new foster carers can become approved much quicker than ever before, whilst still incorporating the same rigorous safety checks.

Swiis’ assessment process is managed by a dedicated recruitment team, who are available to support you through the entire application process, however our processes have been aligned to help potential foster carers reach their earning potential much quicker and we aim to have all assessments finalised within 6-8 weeks.

Safety remains of the utmost importance and our processes have not lessened, if anything they have improved.

There are no corner cuts, the assessment and preparation is vigorous and we still carry out all checks as required by legislation and best practice.

Swiis will only look to approve foster carers who can offer a safe and nurturing environment where children and young people can thrive.

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Who is suitable for fast-tracking?

The fast track process is suitable for people who have lots of time each week to dedicate to the assessment process as you will have to be part of a number of virtual sessions with your independent fostering assessor during a short period of time.

If you have been furloughed from your role or are no longer employed, if you are retired or were already seriously thinking about fostering and understand the commitment and time required for the fostering application process, the fast track application process could be the ideal solution.

If you do not wish to consider the ‘fast track’ option, we are happy to undertake assessments via the normal process, which still only takes 12 weeks at the maximum, however we can work at whatever pace suits you and your circumstances.

How do fostering assessments work?

Fostering assessments are designed to build up a detailed picture of your family life, past and present.

The independent fostering assessor will need to meet all of the family members who live in the household and will identify your existing skills and highlight areas where future training would benefit you, aiding new skills and strategies in readiness for your new fostering career.

At the end of the assessment period, you will be invited to an independent fostering panel so your assessment can be considered for approval.

What is the difference between the fast tracking and normal assessment process?

With the fast track assessment process, you will follow the same rigorous normal assessment process, only quicker.

Fast-tracking makes extensive use of online and virtual platforms such as Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Facetime and WhatsApp video call, which not only progresses things faster but gives you more flexibility to join assessment sessions and training at times that suit you.

Most contact and pre-approval training sessions will initially be online, although you will have a home visit from the independent fostering assessor before your panel date to look at your home environment and to meet all the family members who will be part of the fostering household.

Getting to know you is a key part of the assessment process, Covid-19 has most definitely changed the way in which we operate, however we have been able to design a process which is really beneficial in helping Swiis undertake the assessments in a much quicker time-frame.

However, it remains equally important to really get to know the entire fostering family during the assessment process, so that you feel part of the Swiis fostering family from the very beginning.

For more information on the Swiis journey to fostering, please click here.

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