Guide to Transferring Fostering Provider

Learn more about how to transfer from your current fostering provider, how the process works and why Swiis is the fostering provider of choice for foster carers across England and Scotland.

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Considering Transferring from your Current Fostering Provider?

We know that the fostering provider you choose to work with is a hugely important decision.

At Swiis, we welcome both new and experienced foster carers. We are able to adapt our support to meet the needs of our carers whether they are taking their first steps towards a fostering career or have been working as a foster carer for a while.

We truly value our foster carers and ensure that we offer the support and guidance needed to enhance and progress your fostering skills – whatever stage you are at with your fostering career.

Swiis pay some of the highest allowances within the industry as we fully appreciate the hard work and full time commitment required from each carer.  Swiis further provide unrivalled guidance and support to ensure that our foster carers can achieve the very best outcomes for the children they have in placement.

Swiis offers a range of flexible core training which is mandatory, however most of which, if preferred, can be undertaken remotely at a time to suit them. Foster Carers will also be offered enhanced training which will help support those carers who wish to consider a specialist or enhanced placement.

Our continued commitment to all foster carers and our children and young people in placement is to ensure that our carers feel valued and supported and that the children and young people feel safe and nurtured and are provided with opportunities that they would not have otherwise had.

If you are looking to transfer from your current fostering provider, Swiis will support you throughout the process and can, if you wish, arrange for you to undertake a ‘fast track’ assessment, which can be completed in as little as 2-3 months.

Why Should I Transfer to Swiis Foster Care?

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“I’m so glad I transferred. I’ve seen a real improvement in support and have more money to put towards my foster children”

The UK’s Largest Independent, Family-Owned Fostering Provider

Swiis Foster Care is the UK’s largest independent fostering provider which was founded in 1998 and remains a family-owned company.

We believe our foster carers deserve all the support we can possibly offer to ensure their placements are successful and they can make a positive difference to the children and young people they look after.

Work with Specialists

All Swiis offices have access to health and education specialists who work closely with carers to understand their child’s individual needs.

Social Opportunities for Foster Carers and Children

Our team of placement support workers offer a combination of practical and emotional support and organises activities which offer fantastic socialising opportunities for both the children and our carers.

Children and Foster Carers at the Heart of Everything We Do

We are committed to achieving the best outcomes for the ‘children in our care’, as evidenced by the exceptional retention rates and educational achievements, which are among the highest in the UK.

Generous Fostering Allowances

Swiis pays foster carers extremely well because we recognise the exceptional commitment and value our foster carers bring to the children’s lives and their future development.

Wide Range of Placement Opportunities

We have more first-tier Local Authority contracts than any other independent fostering provider, which means we are able to offer a much wider range of fostering opportunities.

‘Outstanding’ and ‘Good’ Ofsted Ratings

Swiis Foster Care have Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ awards for our North West, Yorkshire, and Midlands & South services, with a ‘Good’ rating in the North East.

The Process of Transferring Fostering Agencies

If you would like to transfer to Swiis Foster Care, you will first have to let your current fostering provider or Local Authority know that you wish to transfer in writing.

You can contact a member of our team by filling out our enquiry form or calling our recruitment team on 0333 577 1234.  We will need to discuss your individual circumstances with you over the phone and then we can handle everything from there.

The fostering provider or Local Authority you are currently with are obliged to provide a range of information during the transfer, including access to your current file, which will provide us with most of the information we require to transfer you quickly.

Swiis will ensure the transfer process is as smooth as possible, coordinating everything for you.

Learn More about Changing your Fostering Provider to Swiis

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Frequently Asked Questions about Transferring Fostering Agencies

Will I Have to Do Another Assessment If I Transfer to a New Fostering Provider?

If you transfer to Swiis you will need to undertake another assessment, however we will be able to obtain substantial information from your current fostering provider, enabling us to complete this within a much shorter timescale than normal.

I Already Have a Child in My Care, What Happens If I Decide to Transfer Fostering Agencies?

If you are wishing to transfer to another fostering provider and have children currently placed with you, a ‘transfer protocol’ meeting will be arranged early in the transfer process to discuss the needs of those children and what services we will offer them.  The ‘transfer protocol’ meeting is a formality and is used to ensure that your new fostering provider can continue to support the needs of the child or young person in your care when you transfer to Swiis.

As a preferred provider with the majority of Local Authorities in the UK, we will already be known to your child’s Local Authority and Social Worker.

Can I Transfer to a Private Fostering Provider from a Local Authority?

Yes, you can transfer from a Local Authority. Swiis will work with your current Local Authority to make sure the transition is smooth for you and that everyone understands each step.

What Training Will I Have to Undertake Before Transferring to Swiis?

As a currently approved foster carer you will not be required to undertaken training prior to transferring to Swiis.  The option for you to undertake the normal pre approval training we provide is open to you should you wish.

Swiis also provide a comprehensive range of mandatory training for our foster carers which they are required to undertake within the first year period.  As a currently approved foster carer, we will review the training you have undertaken within the last year with your current fostering provider and provide the training which is required.  Optional specialist training for those foster carers who wish to progress onto more challenging placements is also available.

Face to Face and webinar training is widely available for all foster carers.

How Long Will It Take to Transfer Fostering Agencies?

We estimate the total transfer time will be between 2 and 3 months. However, this is dependent upon the receipt of timely information from your current fostering provider.  Swiis have a dedicated administrative team whose sole responsibility is to ensure that this information is received in a timely manner.

Can Foster Carers be Registered with More Than One Fostering Provider?

No, foster carers can only be approved by one provider at any one time.