Sibling Fostering

Fostering two or more siblings at a time.

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What are Sibling Fostering Placements?

Sibling fostering placements usually involve keeping brothers and sisters together under the care of a foster carer, ensuring their well-being and stability.

Why is it important to keep siblings together?

Why is it Important to Keep Siblings Together?

Keeping families together is extremely important, however, due to a national shortage of foster carers with multiple room availability, siblings are sometimes separated in foster care.

Children in care often feel that their siblings are their only other source of trust and are likely to have been together through a difficult time in their lives. Having the support of a family member is often essential to helping a child adjust to a new home.

Ensuring that siblings stay together through foster care can also help to create a more stable and successful placement.

On occasion it is decided that the sibling dynamic is not a positive one and siblings will be split to enable the children to settle more easily.

Can Foster Siblings Share a Room?

Children over the age of 3 years old require their own separate bedroom within the foster carer’s home. This is to ensure that the child or young person has a quiet space to relax, play and study.

For sibling placements, some Local Authorities allow children up to 10 years old to share a room with their sibling. This would require foster carers to have either a spare room which is large enough to accommodate two beds, or otherwise have two spare bedrooms.

Can foster siblings share a room?
What are the requirements to foster?

What are the Requirements to Foster?

The basic requirements to foster include being over the age of 21, having either British Citizenship or indefinite leave to remain, being medically fit to work and having a spare bedroom within your home.

For sibling placements, you may be required to have two separate bedrooms depending on the age of the children.

Foster carers can come from many different backgrounds including single people, couples (both married and unmarried), LGBTQ+ individuals and couples, homeowners and renters, employed and unemployed, parents and non-parents, and those aged over 65+. If you have a spare room in your home, are aged 21 or older and are medically fit to work, you may be able to foster.

Allowances for Fostering Siblings

Foster carers who choose to foster with Swiis can earn up to £833 a week (based on two siblings with standard needs) which is equivalent to £43,316 a year, all of which is tax-free due to Qualifying Care Relief.

Swiis recognises the dedication and exceptional contribution foster carers play in the lives of the children and young people they care for and rewards them with one of the most generous fostering allowances in the country.

The foster carer is informed of the exact amount paid before the placement begins. Fees may vary slightly depending on the area you live, the age and number of children being cared for, the placement type, and the individual needs of each child.

To understand how much you could receive for fostering a child with Swiis, try our fostering pay and tax relief calculator.

Up to £833/week for two siblings

Allowances for fostering siblings

Swiis’s Welcome Support Payment

To ensure that newly approved foster carers have everything they need to commence their fostering journey, Swiis will make a Welcome Support payment of £1,000*. You will receive payment once you are approved as foster carers with Swiis and you receive your first placement.

*Terms & Conditions apply

Other Types of Fostering Placements

There are many types of fostering placements. These include siblings, short-term, long-term, parent and child, disability care, emergency and unplanned, and respite care.

During your fostering assessment, you will be able to discuss with your social worker the choice of fostering placements you would prefer and what will suit your family.

Fostering with Swiis Foster Care

Swiis Foster Care is the UK’s largest, family-owned, independent fostering agency with over 20 years of experience in foster care. Swiis have local offices in the South West, Midlands, North West, North East, Yorkshire and Scotland through Swiis Foster Care Scotland, with Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ awards for our North West, Yorkshire, and Midlands & South services, with a ‘Good’ rating in the North East.

Ed & Lisa’s Experience – Fostering with Swiis

“Since becoming foster carers, Swiis have made us and the children we care for feel like we are part of an extended family. They are always supporting us and making sure that we are doing well and if not, go above and beyond our expectations to help.”


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