From novice to club record-breaker, 14-year-old Alfie lands a new under 16s record for the Exmoor Archers

Ready to demonstrate his archery skills, Alfie attended the Exmoor Archers club outdoor shooting event on Wednesday 9th August, with his foster carers Philippa and Luke Taylor, and his fellow archers, supporting him throughout the day.

Alfie entered hoping to do well but breaking a record and achieving the club’s highest score in the under 16s category since 1959 wasn’t quite what Alfie had imagined. Alfie said following his amazing achievement “I feel quite surprised and proud of myself after hearing about it, because I was not expecting it to be a club record.”

Spectators and fellow competitors shared their admiration for Alfie with a round of applause, proud of their club member’s brilliant achievement. Alfie’s foster carers Philippa and Luke expressed their own pride in his achievements and recalled exploring activities with Alfie, they said “we found out about our local archery club and Alfie said he was interested in trying it out. We are very proud of Alfie’s achievement and look forward to his future achievements in archery.”

From the early days of the sport to excelling in competitions, Alfie has demonstrated incredible commitment to archery by consistently dedicating his time to training. Alfie also recognises the important role his foster carers have had in supporting his interest

“My foster carers have supported me by buying me my archery equipment, and my club membership and initial training. My carers have also joined the archery club.”


Like many sports, archery offers numerous benefits to children and young people in an inclusive and save environment. Discipline, patience, team building, self-awareness and confidence building are only a few of the valuable skills archery can teach children and young people, as well as being involved in physical activity.

This superb accomplishment certainly isn’t the end of Alfie’s archery aspirations, with his sights set on new targets Alfie shared his upcoming plans “to continue to get the highest scores I can and enter national competitions.”

Congratulations and very well done Alfie, we can’t wait to see what’s next!

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