Midlands Foster Care

Meet the Swiis Team

Foster child dancing at fairground

“This is a fantastic company to work for. Lots of support, superb training. Always someone on the end of the phone if needed.”

In the heart of the Midlands

Swiis Foster Care Midlands was set up in 2002 and is largely managed by qualified social workers with a wealth of experience in social care. The professional input is led by the Registered Manager who manages a team of Supervising Social Workers, a Health Advisor, an Education Advisor, Children’s Resource Workers and an experienced Foster Care Administration team.

Duke of Edinburgh Licenced Organisation
Swiis Foster Care is a part of the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme which plays a vital part in raising the aspirations and transforming the lives of our young people.

Who works in the Midlands?

Management Team

Laurie Long Midlands Registered Manager

Laurie Long
Registered Manager

Laurie qualified as a social worker in 1995. Prior to joining Swiis, Laurie spent 12 years working in the voluntary sector; within NSPCC as Quality and Performance Manager and as Operational Director for Action for Children, responsible for fostering services in the south of England. Laurie has also been a foster carer.

Birmingham Foster Care Deputy Manager Adrian Vaughan

Adrian Vaughan
Deputy Manager

Adrian joins us with masses of experience managing foster care services and residential services, along with experience in LA social work. Adrian’s passion is developing team practice and culture to support foster carers to achieve great outcomes for children.

Supervising Social Workers

These are the people that offer help and support to our foster carers, meeting periodically to discuss problems, successes and everything in between.

Birmingham Fostering Supervising Social Worker Will Mallon

Will Mallon

Birmingham Fostering Supervising Social Worker Bahya Rahisi

Bahya Rahisi

Birmingham Foster Care Admin Assistant Zoe Jones

Zoe Chance

Birmingham Supervising Social Worker Megan Hayward

Megan Hayward

Supervising Social Worker Chloe Clayton

Chloe Clayton

Birmingham Foster Care Supervising Social Worker Donnarissa Douglas

Donnarissa Douglas

Birmingham Foster Care Supervising Social Worker Denise Brown

Denise Brown

Birmingham Foster Care Supervising Social Worker Victoria Deen

Victoria Deen

Birmingham Foster Care Supervising Social Worker Melanie Hill

Melanie Hill

Birmingham Foster Care Supervising Social Worker Stefani Gjevori

Stefani Gjevori

Birmingham Foster Care Supervising Social Worker Chloe Abdulai

Chloe Abdulai

Placement Workers

These are the people that offer emotional and practical support to young people, ensuring the safeguarding and smooth running of placement.

Edgbaston Foster Care Placement Worker Georgia Jones

Georgia Jones

Birmingham Foster Care Placement Worker Emma Spreckley

Emma Spreckley


Administrators at Swiis not only look after the day-to-day requirements of the office, organize foster carer reviews and panel administration, but also act as the first point of contact to our carers and are an integral part of the team in ensuring all our carers are fully supported and very much a part of the Swiis family from the word go.

Oldbury Foster Care Administrator Sophie Cooper

Sophie Cooper

Birmingham Foster Care Admin Assistant Zoe Jones

Zoe Jones

Birmingham Foster Care Admin Hayley Poole

Hayley Poole

Commercial Team

The Swiis Foster Care Edgbaston office is supported by the Central Commercial team.

Recruitment Team

Operations Manager Ashley Holcombe

Ashley Holcombe

Recruitment Team Leader Sarah Kitson

Sarah Kitson

Emily Saunders Senior Foster Care Recruitment Coordinator

Emily Saunders

Recruitment Coordinator Rhiannon Watts

Rhiannon Watts

Recruitment Coordinator George Smith

George Smith

Recruitment Coordinator George Smith

Ella Parselle

Placement Team

Our placement team ensure that each child or young person is closely match to the best carer.

Foster Care Senior Placement Officer Nirali Patel

Nirali Patel

Senior Placement Officer Charlotte Nigel-Jones

Charlotte Nigel-Jones

Foster Care Senior Placement Officer Hannah Myers

Hannah Myers

Placements Officer Lauren Wood

Lauren Wood

Placements Officer Daisy Goudie

Daisy Goudie

Placement Administrator Florence Whelon

Florence Whelon

Placement Administrator Federica Foti

Federica Foti

Placement Administrator Stacey Slipper

Stacey Slipper

Training Team

Laura Evans Training Team Leader

Laura Evans

Bryony Ferris Senior Training Coordinator

Bryony Ferris

Harry Benfield Training Coordinator

Harry Benfield

Mathilda Squadrone Training Coordinator

Mathilda Squadrone

Jordan Murdoch

Jordan Murdoch

Marketing Team

Creative Media & Graphic Design Ian Wilson

Ian Wilson

Web Designer & Developer David Price

David Price

Marketing Assistant Ellen McCubbin

Ellen McCubbin