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Meet the Swiis Team

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“Having been a foster carer with Swiis for 9 years, I cannot recommend them highly enough.” John, Swiis Foster Carer

In the heart of Bristol

Our Swiis Foster Care Bristol service was set up in December 2013 and covers the South West of the UK. Since opening the branch, we have been awarded a top-tier level in the Southwest. Our Swiis Foster Care team in the south is dedicated to delivering an exceptional service with children at the centre of everything they do to ensure positive outcomes for Children and Young People Looked After.

Who works in Bristol?

Management Team

Director of Social Work Vicci Jones

Vicci Jones
Director of Social Work

Mobile: 0797 147 0569

Fostering Operations Manager Sharon McArthur

Sharon McArthur
Fostering Operations Manager

Mobile: 0791 753 4357

Supervising Social Workers

These are the people that offer help and support to our foster carers, meeting periodically to discuss problems, successes and everything in between.

Bristol Fostering Supervising Social Worker Clare McCarthy

Clare McCarthy

Bristol Fostering Supervising Social Worker Terry Goodwin

Terry Goodwin

Supervising Social Worker Tina Olden

Tina Olden

Health and Education Advisor

The Education workers role is to promote achievement and attainment, continuity of learning and stability in educational placement for children in permanent foster placements. The Health Advisors at Swiis are responsible for monitoring the health needs of children and young people placed with our foster carers. They also liaise with health professionals to ensure all information is available and provides training to carers regarding child health and development.

Bristol Fostering Education Advisor Gareth Thomas

Gareth Thomas

Placement Support Officer

Placement support officers plan and organise Swiis activities, 1-1 and group sessions with children and young people; these are important to help them gain new positive experiences, help promote and develop their self-esteem, confidence, independence and support in placement stability.

Bristol Fostering Placement Support Alice Eaton

Alice Eaton


Administrators at Swiis not only look after the day-to-day requirements of the office, organize foster carer reviews and panel administration, but also act as the first point of contact to our carers and are an integral part of the team in ensuring all our carers are fully supported and very much a part of the Swiis family from the word go.

Gloucestershire Foster Care Administrator Beata Olah-Wood

Beata Olah-Wood

Commercial Team

The Swiis Foster Care Bristol team is supported by the Central Commercial team who are responsible for Marketing, Training and BM support, Recruitment of Foster Carers and matching and placement of our children and young people.

Behaviour Management

Swiis believe that supporting our foster carers well is essential to ensure the stability of the children and young people you care for and our social workers do an incredible job in providing that support to all carers.

Research and experience have however shown that children who experience trauma and separation in early childhood can have a turbulent and challenging adolescence and this may be a possible reason a placement can, at times, become unstable.

Swiis believe that our foster carers on occasion require additional support in understanding and learning techniques which would further assist in the management of difficult or challenging behaviours and have introduced an additional programme of support which our carers will be able to access directly. The programme has been specifically designed to offer support and guidance to carers who experience behaviours from the child or young person in placement which they are finding difficult to manage.

The team consist of specialist training personnel who are responsible for delivering the Challenging Behaviour training as part of the mandatory foster carer training programme (or for new carers, this is undertaken as Day 4 of the preparation training), both cover MAPA based Challenging Behaviour as part of the course content.

Foster carers can access The Behaviour Management Team directly to request support for individual carers who are experiencing problems with behavioural issues in placement. Calls from carers requesting support are managed via a dedicated admin team who will schedule a call back between the carers and a member of the BM team as a matter of urgency.

Swiis trainer Jordon Murdoch

Jordon Murdoch

Swiis trainer Jackie White

Jackie White

Placement Team

Our placement team ensure that each child or young person is closely match to the best carer.

Foster Care Senior Placement Officer Nirali Patel

Nirali Patel

Placement Administrator Florence Whelon

Florence Whelon

Placement Administrator Stacey Slipper

Stacey Slipper

Recruitment Team

Operations Manager Ashley Holcombe

Ashley Holcombe

Recruitment Team Leader Sarah Kitson

Sarah Kitson

Emily Saunders Senior Foster Care Recruitment Coordinator

Emily Saunders

Recruitment Coordinator Rhiannon Watts

Rhiannon Watts

Support Group 

We currently have three local carer groups for our carers based in:

  • London and the South East;
  • The South West areas of Devon, Cornwall and Bristol;
  • Avon, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire.

This gives our new foster carers plenty of options for finding a supportive group close to their home.

As a response to the coronavirus pandemic, our support groups have continued running but have ‘gone virtual’ so we now meet by video conference calls until we are able to meet up again face to face.

Training locations

Located in the Queens Square area of Bristol City centre on Prince Street, the new South region fully accessible office is purpose built to meet the needs of our foster carers with large meeting rooms and ample parking.  Prince Street is easily accessed by public transport.

Situated just outside Exeter with easy access to the M5, the training facility is at a former Georgian Manor.

The training facility for Dorset is at Allendale House which is a Georgian building owned by the East Dorset Heritage Trust. It’s located in a small attractive market town in the heart of Dorset. Easy to get to for those travelling from Southampton, Bournemouth, Poole and Salisbury areas.

Areas Covered Include:

Somerset | Cornwall | Devon | Bristol | South Gloucestershire | Gloucestershire | Dorset | Wiltshire | Hampshire | London | Oxfordshire | Buckinghamshire | Berkshire

Bristol South Region Foster Care Swiis

Office Information


4th Floor
Prince House
Prince Street
Bristol, BS1 4PS
01179 065 291


Registered Managers
Social Workers
Placement Support Workers
Administration Team

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