Referral Matching & Placements Process

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Step One

Swiis central placements team receive the referral of the Child or Young Person who requires looking after in a fostering household. This referral will inform the placements team of the needs and requirements of the child or young person and the required placement type and location. The placements team will review all information and seek further clarification from the local authority if required.

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Step Two

The Placements Officer will then work on identifying potential matches between our available foster carers and the child/young person(s). This will be based on foster carer availability, skills and knowledge of the placement type and experience of the child/young person’s needs and risks as well as the foster carers willingness to support and undertake transport to the child/young person’s education provision and family contact. Safeguarding of the child/young person and the fostering household is at the forefront of all we do.

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Step Three

The Placements Officer will, once suitable matches are identified, commence discussing the potential placement with the foster carer. This is when the foster carers can read all the details on the referral and ask any questions on the requirements of the placement. The placements officer will also discuss and provide the foster carer with the details of the financial package provided to support the potential placement.

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Step Four

Only when the foster carer has provided Swiis with their permission to be put forward for the placement will the Local authority be provided information about the foster carers. The information sent will include the Family Book and or Family Snapshot and Fostering Assessment.

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Step Five

If the local authority wishes to proceed with the placement and the required permissions are sought and agreed, Swiis will work on commencing the placement.

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Step Six

If the child/young person requires a placement introduction before being placed, a meeting between the foster carers and child/young person will be arranged. This could include meeting the child or young person or overnight stays. When the placement is made as an emergency the opportunity for introductions is not available. In all cases, the Swiis Supervising Social Worker will be present to support the foster carers with the introduction of a new placement.

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Step Seven

Once the placement has been approved by all parties, the placement team will send the carer an Individual Placement Financial Agreement which fully details the carer fee (and any associated support) which has been discussed with you for the particular placement. All placements have Individual Placement Financial Agreements to ensure clarity on the fees and other payments which will be paid for each placement made.

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Step Eight

Once the child(ren)/young persons are placed, Swiis will arrange a placement planning meeting which will take place in the foster carers home and will include representation from the placing local authority and the Swiis Supervising Social Worker. The purpose of this meeting is to share further information about the child or young person, plan what achievements and outcomes are required and the support which will be provided to help you achieve these. The meeting will also identify any known risks and agree strategies to keep everyone safe.

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Step Nine

The Swiis Behavioural Management Team will also be in touch with the foster carer to discuss any specific needs of the child/young person in placement, providing strategies to support any known displayed behaviours. The Behaviour Management Team are available to our carers directly throughout their fostering career and can be contacted as and when required by our carers or our carers supervising social worker.

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Step Ten

The foster carer will also have immediate access to their foster carer buddy who will be an experienced foster carer to provide support and guidance with the new placement.

Placement Team

The Placements Team will identify a suitable referral of a child or young person in need of a fostering placement that matches the Foster Carer's profile, the area they are based, approval range, family composition and fostering experience.

Foster Care Senior Placement Officer Nirali Patel

Nirali Patel

Placement Administrator Florence Whelon

Florence Whelon

Placement Administrator Rhian Welch

Stacey Slipper

Placements Officer Stacey Slipper

Rhian Welch

Placements Officer Joel Gould

Joel Gould

Placements Officer Bryony Ferris

Bryony Ferris

Placements Officer Rebecca.Hewitt

Rebecca Hewitt

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