Hello, my name is Ellen and I am the Marketing Executive and Activity Co-ordinator for our activity page ‘Swiis at Home’.

‘Swiis at Home’ was initially created during the Covid lockdown for all our children and young people during the long periods we were homebased. The ‘Swiis at Home’ page was invaluable in helping our children and young people remain busy and engaged with lots of fun things to keep them occupied, with different activity and education links as well as fitness programmes for them (and us) to follow.

Although we are all able to go out and about more now, ‘Swiis at Home’ remains extremely useful in being able to continue to share all the wonderful activities and the many amazing achievements which our children and young people in placement accomplish.

We will also continue to share results of competitions, drawings and any recommendations as to what our children and young people would like to see on the page.

We would love to hear from all Swiis Foster Carers or children, with your suggestions, your many accomplishments and anything else of interest you would like us to include.

Please contact us at marketing@swiis.com, I look forward to hearing from you!

A Child’s Voice

One of our young people’s groups made a song with a local producer and we were asked if we could do anything to accompany it. We have to find creative ways to show the work created by our young people as we have to protect their identity so when it came to showcasing their song, we decided to produce a typeface animation.

We put this on Tunecore and promoted it to raise money for Guide Dogs for the Blind.

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