At Swiis Foster Care the voices of our young people are a paramount part of being able to provide the best support and care to them. We are continuously delighted by the creative and varied ways that our young people choose to share their experiences with us.

One such young person, Kieran, has worked hard with Swiis Education Advisor Gareth in recording his own podcast, which they are both excited to share with outside listeners. In this podcast, Kieran and Gareth candidly discuss topics such as life and attending school during the Covid 19 Pandemic, Kieran’s experience as part of the LGBTQIA+ community, allyship and supporting members of the community, and his plans and aspirations for the future, giving a brilliant insight into life as a teenager in the current climate.

Please be advised that this podcast is more suited for older listeners.

Trigger warning: mention of bullying.

KH Photo