Swiis Rescuing Dogs from the Streets of Romania

Sponsored Dogs

The German Shepherd Dog Rescue, South West and Wales, work tirelessly to save many dogs from overseas, including Romania, Spain and Egypt.

There is a group of 11 dogs in particular who will be arriving into the UK within the next weeks and months and will initially be held in a temporary home for 48 hours to assess the dogs health and demeanour following their long journey before joining their new owner, which for most of the rescue dogs has already been chosen.

As part of this initiative we would love for the children and young people to get involved and possibly offer suggestions for the names of the rescue dogs. Once the dogs arrive in the UK, their names are often changed by their new owners, so we thought that the children could offers some suggestions for their new name.

Below you can see pictures and brief information about the dogs which we will keep updated.

Rodney Pupdate