Swiis Foster Carers

Changing the lives of children and young people for the better

Foster carer reading to young person

“I decided then if I could make just one young person feel safe it would be worth it.”

Cate and Rebekka’s fostering story

“The positive effect that comes about with time and consistency can be amazing”

Barney and Rajainder’s Fostering Story

“Swiis are always there for me, and it doesn’t matter what time of day or night”

Lorraine's fostering story

“It’s so rewarding to be able to give children a start in life that will help them reach their own goals”

Nicola and Gerald's fostering story

“The best thing about fostering is seeing the effects it can have on the lives of young people”

Vicky and Rachel's fostering story

“Fostering is rewarding, satisfying and gives you an immense sense of achievement”

Sheen's fostering story in Birmingham

“It is amazing how much a child in need can help you realise what is important in life”

Margaret's fostering story in Durham

“I am now 39 and so happy I chose to become a foster carer with Swiis”

Dale's fostering story as a single carer in Bristol

“Swiis are not just a fostering agency, they are friends and family who we can lean on when times are hard”

Ed and Lisa's fostering story as a same sex couple in Durham

“Having a positive influence in the lives of disadvantaged, vulnerable children and seeing them develop to their full potential has been extremely rewarding”

Fran's fostering story in Sheffield

Start Your Fostering Journey

With thousands of children coming into foster care in the UK everyday, we urgently need foster carers more than ever.

Father and foster child fishing

Refer a Friend

Do you know anyone who would be a fantastic foster carer who has the skills and compassion to support a child or young person in need of a loving home?

Boys celebrating soccer goal