"Swiis are always there for me, and it doesn’t matter what time of day or night."

Lorraine's fostering story


Lorraine, who lives in Newcastle, has fostered 16 children and young people over the last 10 years as part of Swiis Foster Care.

“I guarantee you will never look back or regret your decision, it is the most rewarding career choice I’ve ever made in life,” Lorraine said.

“It is not easy, but with the excellent support from the team at Swiis you will never feel alone, and you will be given the skills to support you in caring for the children you look after.”

Lorraine worked six days a week for a large department store in Newcastle as a beauty consultant for a well-established cosmetic concession before becoming a foster carer in 2013.

“Swiis are always there for me, and it doesn’t matter what time of day or night,” Lorraine said.

Lorraine at a Swiis coffee morning

“I love being part of the Swiis fostering family in the North East, and I would urge people like me to consider fostering as a new goal.

“There are hundreds of children and young people in Tyne & Wear alone that need our support. We really do need more people to consider fostering. You will never look back, trust me.”

Lorraine’s career change followed a chance meeting at a family gathering with a Swiis Foster Carer and the young person she was supporting.

“At an early age I helped neighbours with their young children and really enjoyed it and since then I always thought that I would love to work with young people,” the proud Tynesider continued.

“After speaking with Anne, I realised I’d like to be a foster carer and after asking how I could find out more, Anne immediately pointed me in the direction of Swiis Foster Care and the rest is history.

“Since then I have taken great pleasure in providing a safe, loving and nurturing home for all of the amazing children I’ve fostered over the years, all of which I’m still in touch with.

“But a highlight was learning, with expert guidance from Swiis, how to provide a loving home for children from a different background and culture to my own. This was so enriching for me and extremely rewarding.”

For Lorraine the knowledge she is having a positive impact on young people continues to inspire her.

“It’s the lasting relationships and knowing you have made a positive difference to a child or young person’s life that makes me so proud,” she said.

“Playing a key role in building a child’s confidence and improving their outcomes in life is the best part about being a foster parent.

“It’s just fabulous to witness children flourish, reach personal milestones and achieve in life despite difficult backgrounds these children faced prior to coming to me and my family.”
Lorraine at a Swiis coffee morning

If Lorraine’s fostering story has inspired you, speak to someone in our team about becoming a foster carer. They will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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